To provide you with the benefits of a first rate, trained, and highly skilled receptionist, at a fraction of the cost!  We can show you how you can hire someone to answer your phone and only pay for the work they do.


♦     Finding ways to better serve customers by providing a growing list of services.
♦     Helping entrepreneurs appear larger and more established to their callers.
♦     Providing “Virtual Receptionist Service” to a growing list of small businesses.
♦     Providing 24/7 receptionist and switchboard operator.
♦     Saving employers thousands on staffing costs.
♦     Serving over 1500+ satisfied clients.

Our “Virtual Receptionists” are tested before hiring, and then undergo an initial training period of from 3 to 6 months.   Continuing training is a part of every operator’s weekly routine. 


♦     We work 24/7, and you only pay us when we are talking with your customers!
♦     We never call in sick, never take a day off, never look for another job, never need
       vacation and never retire.
♦     No need to provide parking, lunchroom, nor any other accommodation.
♦     You don’t need to pay for our healthcare or our training.
♦     You don’t even need to provide us with a desk!
♦     We provide everything needed.

Please call me or email me and I will meet with you at your convenience.  Let me show you how “hiring” our virtual receptionist can save you thousands, and get the job done! 

Available from many different types of businesses including non-profit, medical, contracting, funeral homes, property management, real estate, financial services, etc.  Clients also vary in size from sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies.

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